Carmen Grillo's Connection to South Tyrol
What: concert
Location: Brixen, Domplatz

Carmen Grillo’s Connection to SouthTyrol

Carmen Grillo, who was a member of the famous band “Tower of Power” from 1988 to 1997, will spend a week in South Tyrol in August, rehearsing with local musicians for two concerts that will be held on 11th and 12 th August in Steinegg and Brixen.

The “Carmen Grillo’s Connection to SouthTyrol” is an extraordinary music project most probably unprecedented in this form: a few weeks ago Carmen Grillo sent the songs and the scores of his concert setlist to South Tyrol. Since then, Ingo Ramoser (keyboards), Hannes Walder (drums) and Sebastian Hödl (bass) have been very busy rehearsing his funk/rock songs.

In the past, Carmen Grillo has played with musicians of the likes of Chicago, Rita Coolidge, Donna Summer, Smokey Robinson and Huey Lewis & The News. In the early nineties his rock guitar style gave the funk/soul group Tower of Power, very well-known within musical circles, its distinctive sound which even attracted rock fans to him. As well as to other music, he largely contributed to songs renowned in particular within music circles under the name of “Souled out” or “Soul with a capital S”. The band from Oakland came together in 1968 and became famous especially for its accurate horn section that can be enjoyed by listening to the Tower of Power’s many CDs as well as to dozens of other world-famous albums. Carlos Santana, Elton John, Rod Stewart, the Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Phil Collins and many more availed themselves of Tower of Power’s horn section for their CDs.

After leaving Tower of Power, Carmen Grillo has worked mainly as a session musician and as the manager of his own recording studio in Los Angeles. However, he has also just recently published a new solo CD called “A different World” that has become a great success on Californian radio stations.

Support Act: Frozen Ra!n

Frozen Ra!n from Bozen, winners of the Rocknet Academy 2015-16 award, will open the concert with their powerful rock music. 

The four “Fråtzen”, Max Elia Schweigkofler, Fabian Pichler, Benjamin Longo and Felix Bachmann decided to set up their own band back in 2010. As time went by they also started to write their own songs and give concerts. The band from Bozen soon gathered its own group of very loyal fans who coined the name “Fråtzen Rock”. Their new song is called “Stop the wheel”

The concerts will take place during a Rock Evening in Steinegg (Thursday 11th August) and in Brixen (Friday 12th August). Starts at 8 p.m. Free entry.